About Us

Hi there! I'm Meital, from Thumbelina Workshop.
The seed that grew into Thumbelina was planted way back when I was in high school I designed sets and costumes in the drama department. There I first discovered the magic of the stage.
For years, I built, sewed, and designed for theater, dance productions, and films, and most of the time it was fun and exciting.
One day, a friend asked me to help her with a costume she was making for her young son. Something about creating that penguin costume felt surprisingly natural. That feeling strongly resonated with me.
That was the start of the first project that was all mine. I walked into the studio and came out with the patterns for the first four costumes.
In time, I refined my vision and became more focused. The business grew - as did I. After becoming a mother myself, I came to understand first handedly the needs of parents and children in this modern world we live in. My worldview and motivation became clear.
Thumbelina is my journey—to connect between fantasy and reality.
So all-time play-time my friends! Enjoy!
Meital, Thumbelina