Lion hat כובע אריה


King lion baby & kids Hat, An original Lion Hat.
original Hat to warm body and heart ..
Smooth, soft and pleasant to touch.

Our Hats and Costumes develop the child's imagination, encourage role-play and especially make a colorful daily routine.
You can wear it to school or kindergarten, play in the garden, as a costume for the holidays or just for no reason :)
The cap is made from fleece and fur.
It includes a button so you can choose the size you want, so it fits a large range of ages.
HAND MADE hat from soft, high-quality fleece and Synthetic fur.
Available in one size!
12 months - 6 years

כובע אריה בעבודת יד עשוי מפרווה סינטטית ופליז, מתאים לטווח גדול של גילאים.